Protect Narragansett Bay News Releases

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Environmental groups hail EPA action as biggest step for clean water in a decade

Coming off the biggest step forward for clean water in more than a decade, Environment Rhode Island stood with regional organizations and officials to celebrate the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to restore Clean Water Act protections to waterways across New England and the rest of the country. The EPA’s proposed rule would close loopholes from polluter-led litigation that leave 54% of Rhode Island streams at risk of unchecked pollution.

News Release | Environment Rhode Island Research & Policy Center

Narragansett Bay haunted by stormwater, trash, global warming

On Halloween, Environment Rhode Island released Frightening Facts about Narragansett Bay, a fact sheet that compiles ten of the most "scary" realities facing Rhode Island’s most iconic waterway. The fact sheet comes on the heels of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announcement of its intention to move forward with a rulemaking to restore Clean Water Act protections to streams and wetlands across the country.

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Obama Administration Should Use Sound Science to Protect Rhode Island’s Waterways

The Obama administration has taken a significant step forward in clarifying the science connecting America’s waterways and the drinking water for millions across the country. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board released a report, Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence, which reviews the scientific literature outlining the impact that small waterways have on larger bodies of water downstream. 

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Environment Rhode Island to Congress: Protect Rhode Island’s Beaches and Coast

On Friday, Environment Rhode Island unveiled “Rhode Island’s Coast: 10 Places Worth Protecting”, a list of ten coastal places in the state that have received support through federal conservation programs. With funding for these programs under fire––and with Congress debating the nation’s budget in D.C.––Environment Rhode Island held a news conference at Conimicut Point Park in Warwick asking Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegation to ensure Rhode Island's beaches and public lands are protected for the future.

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Provisions in U.S. Senate bill will fund preservation

The U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive transportation and infrastructure bill, including an amendment (1822) to set aside $700 million to conservation through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), and to establish a National Endowment for the Oceans (NEO) which will dedicate resources to conserving and restoring oceans and coastal areas. The NEO provisions were proposed by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Twenty-Two Rhode Island Businesses and Organizations Sign Letter to Oppose Dirty Water Legislation

Rhode Island small businesses and organizations signed a letter to the state's representatives in Washington, D.C. urging them to champion the protection of Narragansett Bay and other waters in the state and across the country by leading the fight against the unprecedented number of anti-environmental riders in recent House and Senate bills. Many of these amendments have threatened to ease or eliminate longstanding Clean Water Act protections and to undermine the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to enforce environmental regulations.

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Environment Rhode Island announces filing of landmark settlement to keep sewage out of Newport beaches and harbor

Environment Rhode Island declared a critical victory for Newport beaches and harbor today, announcing that the City of Newport has agreed to take steps to end its illegal sewage and stormwater pollution. These cleanup measures are part of a proposed settlement of a federal lawsuit brought by Environment Rhode Island and local residents to enforce the Clean Water Act.

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

State’s Beach Closings Decrease: Environment Rhode Island Calls for Better Protections

Environment Rhode Island joined NRDC and U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to release the annual beach water quality report. Sen. Whitehouse said, “Rhode Islanders know that a healthy Bay means clean beaches and a vibrant tourism economy. Sixteen million people visit Rhode Island each year to enjoy our beaches, seafood, and water sports – creating 55,000 jobs and injecting $6.8 billion into our economy. We’ve made great strides in reducing wastewater pollution into Narragansett Bay, but this report reminds us of the progress still to be made to protect our economy and our environment.”

News Release | Environment Rhode Island

Threats to Rhode Island’s Coast Not Worth Risk from Offshore Drilling

Rhode Island’s coastal tourism and fishing businesses generate just over $2 billion annually and provide 56,000 jobs, according to a new report released by Environment Rhode Island today. These businesses and jobs would not exist without clean beaches and a clean ocean, both of which would be threatened by risky offshore drilling.